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Crafts organizations of Kyrgyzstan

There are a number of organizations in Kyrgyzstan which aim to preserve traditional crafts, as well as helping them to continue to develop to meet the demands of the modern world, buy providing training, marketing and retail opportunities for their members.

This list is meant to be representative and is not comprehensive:

CACSA: The Central Asian Craft Support Association: a membership based NGO, (non governmental organization). CACSA serves as an umbrella for over 60 members from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. It has been providing communication links, marketing support, product development training, sales opportunities, and other needed services since 1994.

Contact details:

Central Asian Crafts Support Association (CACSA)

Bishkek, 720017, Manaschi Sagynbay Street, 162a, Kyrgyz Republic

Tel.: (+996 312) 620385, fax: 662445


Altyn Kol: Women’s Handicraft Cooperative: The collective was established in 1996 with the aim of providing income to the local felt artisans by creating and marketing traditional handmade goods, and thus to carry on Kyrgyz culture and traditions for generations to come. As well offering goods for sale to the public, they also offer training and marketing support for their members and master classes in traditional skills for tourists and others.

Contact details:

Altyn Kol Women's Handicraft NGO

22a, Pioneerskaya Street

Kochor, Naryn Oblast 722500, Kyrgyz Republic

Tel.: (996) 353-522-534



Kyrgyz Heritage: founded to help preserve and promote the particular art form of Kurak, (a form of patchwork).  Some of the members of the organization, (craftswomen, designers and seamstresses), work from their workshop in Bishkek but there are also many artisans working from their homes in the provinces. The organization provides seminars and workshops to help keep the traditions alive, flourishing, and adapting the ages old traditions to the modern world.

Contact details:

Kyrgyz Heritage Women's NGO

Room 22, 196, Chui Prospect, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Tel.: +996 312 900471